“You fall in love and suddenly you fall into him and you want to fall asleep with him and you want to fall into his arms when you’re drunk and you want to fall into deep conversations with him at three in the morning and you want his fingers falling down your back in the middle of the night and you want to hold his hand and fall into step with him as you walk and you want him kissing you when the rain is falling so hard outside that you pull over because you can’t see through the windshield and then 6 months later tears are falling down your cheeks and you’re falling asleep alone and you fall apart”

— I fell for you in every sense of the word (via extrasad)

I’ve been wanting
Things I Learned In The Summer of 2k14


Scalp sunburn really hurts. Moisturize your neck. Give your nails a break sometimes and keep them bare. Be bare. Invest in a million different bras, including racerback and sport and ones with small straps and strapless one, too. Go braless. Take more napkins. Even more napkins than that. More….

if you need evidence for everything, you’re going to find yourself stuck in one place for a long time.
once upon a time
let go of my hand; you don’t give a damn.
the worst of them—issues